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Beta Launching!! New products added soon!!
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'Christmas WOWBOX' Brings You Holiday Treats!

WOWBOX is getting ready for the Holidays! We have prepared for this Christmas our original 'Fun & Tasty' WOWBOX and 'New & Limited' WOWBOX that will both be transformed into "Christmas WOWBOX 2018!" Don't forget to Subscribe before November 30th to get this special WOWBOX! (Select either 'Fun&Tasty' or 'New&Limited' box for your "Christmas WOWBOX").

Inside this December WOWBOX you will get 'Christmasy' themed treats, as well as some 'Character' themed snacks, such as Super Mario chocolate egg! Expect to be surprised or gift someone you love with a WOWBOX for this Christmas! Be pleasantly surprised to explore and eat some yummy Japanese snacks!

Do you want to help us pick some final snacks for the 'Christmas WOWBOX' this year? Then comment bellow your opinion and tell us your favorite snacks from the list bellow!

Dragon Ball Dragon Potato

Enjoy this Dragon Ball 'character' snack with Dragon Ball Ultra illustration and surprise items! In collaboration with Frito Lay's Dragon Potato, you will be able to eat these crunchy & fun looking potato chips in a "rich consomme taste" especially developed for this project! The product includes an exclusive serial code that you can get cards and items from Dragon Ball Ultra anime and scene cuts from their upcoming movie! Also browse their smartphone game "Dragon Ball Z Buchgiri Match!"


Shimi Choco Corn White Christmas

These popular puffy and sweet snacks have a unique star shape that are fun to eat! Try Shimi-Choco Corn in a new and limited Christmas version! These crispy chips are covered in white chocolate and has a pleasant yummy sweet taste!


Caramel Corn Christmas

Yummy Caramel Corn is dressed as Santa Claus for this limited Christmas package design! You may also find a Christmas Tree shaped puff inside! Enjoy these sweet corn puffs in its original traditional flavor that is loved by many!



Choco Egg Super Mario Odyssey

A surprise chocolate egg-shaped capsule that has a fun item inside! When you assemble the parts together you will get a "Super Mario Odyssey" character figurine! Will it be Luigi, Peach, or Mario inside? You get to have fun & a yummy chocolate treat to enjoy.


Nagewa (Christmas Fried Chicken)

These fun potato rings come in a limited Christmas themed package! Taste the flavor of 'Christmas' fried chicken flavor marinated in umami and spice! Although it isn't a Christmas feast, you will feel like you are enjoying some Christmas cheers with these crunchy textured chips!


Caplico No Atama Star Shaped (Milk Flavor)

Long-running sweet Giant Caplico gets turned into bite-sized treats that boast the same sweet taste. This time the soft fluffy chocolate comes in a fun star shaped, with two layered milk flavor taste. You can enjoy vanilla milk and chocolate milk! 


Chocolate Ball (Chocolate Banana Flavor)

You will enjoy eating these bite-sized chocolate covered in banana flavor with black cocoa in the center! A beloved chocolate in Japan and enjoyed by many! A fun surprise is that the package design will change colors when rubbing it with your finger. See the colorful swirl pattern appear like magic!


Fettuccine Gummy (Melon Flavor)

Bouncy and chewy, just like a fettuccine pasta, these yummy sour gummies are packed with Vitamin C and dietary fiber! Enjoy the melon soda flavor and taste its refreshing feeling! You will love its texture and fruity taste!


Comment bellow your opinion! Tell us what treats you wish to get in this "Christmas WOWBOX" 2018!

Don't miss out on this awesome "Christmas WOWBOX" that is packed with Christmas treats and holiday cheers! Don't forget to Subscribe before November 30th! (Select either 'Fun&Tasty' or 'New&Limited' theme for your "Christmas WOWBOX"). A perfect gift for your friends and family members for this holiday season!


*Disclaimer: Please note that the snacks may be substituted or changed if they are out of stock. Snacks may change and vary depending on availability. Thank you for your understanding. 


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Written by Julie Lin


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  • Maria Petsa on

    very tasty candies

  • Michelle Catallo on

    Wow~ These are incredible picks for Christmas! So fun and delightful! My kids would argue over every piece ~ just means more for me LOL

  • Jack Riddle on


  • Jerri Loper on

    I love the melon fettuccine!! It looks soooo good

  • Gina G on

    Everything sounds delicious! I want to try Shimi Choco Corn White Christmas first!!!

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