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Beta Launching!! New products added soon!!
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Past Snacks at WOWBOX With Nutritious Treats, Mickey Mouse, Pizza Chips, & More!

Ever wonder what type of snacks we pack into your WOWBOX? We include the newest & unique snacks that might not be available in your local supermarkets. Here are a few worthy mentions that you would want to know! If you haven't yet subscribed to WOWBOX, find out what type of snacks you can expect inside each themed WOWBOX.


Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX

A special curated box that includes beauty-themed products, low-calori snacks, and health-conscious treats! Let's see what a dietitian thinks about our Kawaii & Beauty Box! The review and pictures are provided by "Eat Out with Dietitian."

Credit: Eat Out with Dietitian

Natural Calbee Olive Oil Chips Rock Salt

You might be thinking "Isn't olive oil considered good oil? Can it be used for deep fry?" In fact, in the processed food industry, they use refined olive oil which has smoke point higher than 446 degrees F while palm oil, used by most deep-fried chips, has lower smoke point between 428 to 444 degrees F. The common temperature for deep frying chips is between 338 to 482 degrees F, so olive oil is relatively safer.

This Natural Calbee is thicker giving a crispier texture. Although deep-fried food is not the best option for blood cholesterol and other organs' metabolism, when you're in need to release some stress or craving some chips, better quality snacks like this one can easily be enjoyed without feeling the guilt.



Country Maam Crispy Mini W Choco (Less Sugar, More Fiber)

These mini cookies, even though having 50% less sugar, has a deeper taste and a solid texture. Plus one bag only has less than 10 grams of sugar. This is exciting!

We all know that refined sugar causes unstable blood sugar, body fat, and obesity. But when you are craving for something sweet, it's really hard to resist, isn't it? WHO (World Health Organization) recommends consuming sugar less than 10% of total daily calories. If calculating from 2000 kcal, that gives us about 50 grams of sugar intake daily for an adult.

While 50 grams seems a lot, the less sugar intake the better, which is why we are excited when seeing these cookies with less than 10 grams of sugar. Besides, it also contains 10.7 grams of fiber which accounted for about 1/3 of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber!

K&B Box Reviews & images provided by 營養師帶你吃外食 (Eat Out with Dietitian)
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New & Limited WOWBOX

Be among the first to try a selection of new and limited treats! Once we hunt these snacks down, we put them right in this WOWBOX for you!

Tsubu Tsubu Ichigo Pocky

Pocky is back with a new strawberry flavor and a crunch! This Pocky has embedded dried strawberry bits in the strawberry chocolate coating! You will enjoy the yummy texture and the delicious flavor!


Jagabee (Clam Butter)

Enjoy the popular Jagabee potatoes in the taste of clams and the richness of butter! These delicious and crunchy potato sticks are easy to eat and great to share!


Fun & Tasty WOWBOX

Our original box for all Japanese snack lovers! Contains a good balance of all the fun and tasty treats Japan is known for.

Toro Maro Grape Mickey Mouse

These soft candies are simply juicy! The limited and new package design features the beloved Micky Mouse! You can now enjoy a refreshing sweet & sour taste of grape juice since this treat blends 22% of raw grape juice for that great and delicious taste!


Pizza Potato Margherita

You will fall in love with the ‘Pizza Potato’ by Calbee! The crunchy potato chips are flavored in margarita pizza flavor, using tomato sauce and basil! It will feel like you are snacking eating a real pizza!


Can't wait to get your hands on Japanese snacks? Let us surprise you every month!

To find out more about the past snacks that we have included in all 3 themed WOWBOX, you can head to our official website here:

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