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Beta Launching!! New products added soon!!
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Pepsi J-Cola Yuzu A New Release!

Japan has had various unique and different soda flavors throughout the years, and Pepsi is no exception. Pepsi has released before the Christmas Cake, salty watermelon, and Sakura Cola. Now Pepsi is back at it again with a new and special release that uses specific ingredients to showcase Japan.




The Pepsi Japan Cola celebrates the Japanese food culture and uses yuzu, a popular Japanese aromatic citrus fruit, as part of their new formula! The fruit somewhat looks like a small grapefruit, although it is rarely eaten as a fruit, yuzu is a common ingredient in the Japanese cuisine, giving a zesty taste in the same way that the lemons are used in other cuisines. You might find yuzu vinegar, citrus-based sauce ponzu, yuzu used in liquor and wine, also used in making various sweets including cake and marmalade.



The new Pepsi Japan Cola Yuzu and Salt flavor have a crisp and refreshing taste and fragrance. The taste is somewhat part lemon and orange but it doesn't overpower the sweet cola flavor. The new Pepsi, in both regular and zero calories varieties, was released on April 9th nationwide!

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