Beta Launching!! New products added soon!!
Beta Launching!! New products added soon!!
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POCKY 'The Gift' an Extra WOWBOX Bonus Snack

Japan's popular and well-known sweet, Pocky, released a new and sleek packaging design that is minimal and yet playful. Designed by creative director Yoshihiro Yagi, the slimmed down packaging design makes the most out of the colors to inspire a sense of happiness before you even open the box to eat the yummy Pocky sticks inside.

The colorful and cute palm-sized sweet is being called "Pocky The Gift" because customers are able to pick and choose their favorite colors and package them into a gift box in quantities of 3, 6, 9, 12, and 27! 

"Pocky The Gift" comes in six different yummy flavors with their own message written on the side of the box.

Milk chocolate "Black covered with love"
Berry "Berry rolling in a daydream"
Sweet Potato "Sweet potato floating in the pool"
Matcha "Matcha against the forest"
Citrus "Citrus shines in the fog"
Grape "Grapes at midnight"

You can get one with WOWBOX! The first 100 Subscribers will receive an EXTRA BONUS "Pocky The Gift" when subscribing to ANY LARGE PLAN!

Use Coupon Code Before March 31: ' POCKYBONUS19 '

Visit WOWBOX Now & Subscribe to get "Pocky The Gift"!

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