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Beta Launching!! New products added soon!!
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Sakura WOWBOX with Exclusive Sakura Themed Snacks!

Image Credit: Izayoi Yukari / Flickr / Creative Commons

Spring season is arriving and with it, Sakuras are blossoming! WOWBOX wants you to experience Spring with these unique 'Sakura' Japanese snacks exclusively sold in 7/11 convenience stores in Japan! These limited seasonal treats will be available for you when you purchase 'Sakura WOWBOX 2019!'

Sakura POCKY. Get this limited-time sweet snack that features a buttery breaded pretzel stick coated with pink chocolate and sprinkled with a bit of salt for a sweet and savory taste! 


Bitte Sakura. A biscuit sandwich coated with butter and cherry-flavored cream and Sakura chocolate!  


Country Maam Vanilla & Cherry Milk. Popular Japanese cookies in two flavors! The Cherry Milk flavor uses cherry leaf extract mixed with milk to create the sweet Sakura taste. Bite through the moist and fluffy cookies that contain white chocolate chips.  

You can purchase the 'Sakura WOWBOX' here!


Calbee Potato Chips Sakura. Crunchy potato chips with Sakura flavored sugar and butter!


Calbee Kappa Ebisen Cherry Blossom & Salt: Enjoy this seasonally limited ebi (shrimp) chips that are crunchy and seasoned in Sakura flavor and salt.

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Don't miss out on these exclusive 2019 Sakura themed snacks that will feel like you are enjoying Spring while viewing the Sakura blossoms in Japan! Tell us what Sakura themed snacks you would like to try first on the comments bellow!


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  • Joyce Zhu on

    Looks lovely!!!

  • Stacy on

    These snacks sound delicious! Love the packaging too!

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